Dear New Girl

He is an ideal guy; he is the guy most girls would want. He is responsible, intelligent, loyal and serious.  He is the perfect husband to be with, a perfect man that makes you sleep well at night. He always has plans and goals and that’s what the best about him is. He loves music and he sings well, if he sings in front of you seems flowers are blooming.  He gets jealous easily but don’t get mad it’s just he is afraid that you will be snatched away from him. He does make corny jokes sometimes and just laugh with it, if he laugh just laugh along with him. If you got an argument be the one to loosen your pride and talk to him, it’s just he is too shy or seems he doesn’t want to express his feelings well.  Never get disappointed if he doesn’t tell he love u everyday it’s just he is really like that but he treasured you a lot. If he tells you he is in love with you then he really is, he isn’t that showy as other guys do he doesn’t like PDA but he is so sweet and childish if it just the two of you. He likes songs a lot, and he wants to compose his own just go along with what he like I’m sure you’ll get used to it. He is simple, shy and thoughtful and the best in him is he will love you with all his heart. Always tell him you love him, and always call or text him so he wouldn’t feel his alone. He doesn’t like eating fast food he love home cook meals so learned to cook well. He takes a bath almost 3 times a day so don’t be surprised. Never compare him to anybody he hates that.   When things go wrong between you both hold on, he is a fine descent man and you wouldn’t find someone like him.  Love him with all your heart and make him happy,always be with him all the time.


Optimistic Lassie

Optimistic Lassie

I was just another girl who falls for him, another girl who gets my heart broken.

A girl who falls in love and has the story told over and over again. Yes, I am one of those hopeful girls

Who wishes for a beautiful love story and where fairytales do come true.

A story where the main character is me and my prince riding on a white horse becomes real.

Yes, this is me…your one typical girl who laughs out loud.

Who burst out her anger when mad… crazy and gay but the girl who falls deeply in love, THIS IS ME.

I may have failed many times in the attempt to have my own perfect love story, but I won’t give up till I hit the jackpot. I know somehow I can find my own story not the star –crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet, nor the Jack and Rose titanic tale. I discern to have my own story not so melodramatic but worth for the rest of my existence.

I know my man is just sitting in the corner, waiting for the right time. I am positive that cupid is ready to shoot his arrow right towards us the moment our paths meet. Yes, definitely God is creating a story for me the best story ever has told that all the wounds of my past will definitely heal and forget. Yes I know it and I can feel it’s somehow coming to me in the near future.

That is why there is no time to give up, no time to feel sorrow and despair. No time of long day of regrets and melancholy but just spend my days being happy and try to restore what has lost along the way. For the battle and quest of love is not an easy voyage it has boundless ups and downs but it’s finish line is for sure the paramount of life for sure. And whatever the journey may be or where-ever we go surely life will bring us to someone that is meant for us to be.

I’ll just keep believing and waiting for the right time. 🙂

Heart <3

They say whenever you lost something or misplace something, all you have to do to find it is to go back from your trails. I always do that whenever I lost some of my stuff and luckily I am able to retrieve ever missing item I lost. Well, life is somehow like that, if we are lost we just have to go back to the old road either find a new road again or continue walking in the old road.

But what if while walking you lost your heart? Will you able to retrieve it ? How will you retrieve it? It’s been how many years since I lost mine. Going back I think wouldn’t be a  best idea. Why? Because, I can’t remember the moment and place where I lost my heart.

Sometimes I am think I’ve been too hard for myself, to bitter for love and even my brains wishes for my heart to come back. But I can’t find my heart again, the heart that beats for someone, the heart that loves and understand…the heart pure and true, is nowhere to be found.

 So now, I wonder when will I able to find my heart again?