Down Again

99It’s been a year since I posted something here, sugar and spice was supposed to be my online diary an outlet of every emotions I am keeping the only friend I trust and who won’t even dare to judge me. My pit of all hidden emotions my group which keeps me sane. Yes, I am back here again my friend that means I am again down and can’t contain the feelings I have anymore.


I’m a bit of confusions right now, I am in a bit of disappointment of some failed plans and promises of someone dear to me. I am anxious about the future we tend to make, and now I am in the street alone in the dark cold night nowhere to go because the person who walks with me in this path chooses another, chooses another uncertain road.


I am stressed in a way that people don’t always go with the plan, when they don’t think of any cons their actions might result to. I am always cautious because I know how hard it is to fail and how much failure means. If you fail your entire life changes, your world is shaken so every inch of our move must be planned, must be in accordance on the 99% probability it won’t fail.


We are not getting any younger and what we do now affects our future. Can’t understand other people trying to grab the concept of happiness, living contentment searching for something exciting and enjoyment when infact life is lay in front of their very eyes. Happiness is already there, they just need contentment and appreciate every blessing that comes there way.


Bad choices leads us to somewhere, some gets something good but many gets a lot of bad.


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