So much for I love you

I used to be too hard on you, you almost gave up but you keep it all together that is why I have grown to love you. I have made up my mind that I will be doing my best to love you and I’ll be may walls this time. You asked me ta make you my world, my everything. You asked me to prioritize you and make you my number and yes I did. For the first time my life revolves on someone, to you only you. I was consumed by love transformed by fear of losing you. I become toxic and even me can’t take being me. You asked for it, I just give you everything your are asking for now, you are complaining that’s why I’ve decided to take it all out little by little, those feelings I’ve once poured into you I am taking it all out coming back into me. So much for I love you now, I am getting a grasp with my self slowly. So much for the full investment of feelings, so much for the love…I am stopping now. I will and I can. I have made up my mind.


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