I don’t trust peoples’words that’s why if I trust someone it’s heartbreaking for me if they disappoint me. I’m used of living alone, I am used of believing I don’t need someone to love and depend on..I am my own independent and strong woman. Yet I become vulnerable because I fall from something I avoided for too long. Karma maybe, I hurt many people, people who gave me the love and affection and I rejected them all. Now I am emotionally drained from someone I loved. Take it from a child who never feel being loved her whole life. Life for me is hard, people may see I’m living a good life but I’m just living in an empty shell my life is empty . Sometimes I wished I would disappear.



  1. I can relate to you. Even I stopped trusting people after I got break my heart several times. I am living alone for a long time now and even getting used to it. It does kill once in a week when I feel like my life is a dead-end. I am also planning my escape or you can say going to disappear for a while to find myself again. You just need to find something which will give you hope. Have a lovely day! and also you can talk to me anytime you feel like.

    • someone told me a month ago if I want to trust someone I must show them that I can be trusted too, yet I’ve done everything I could but people keep on disappointing me…sometimes people closest and dear to us, which hurts the most. Self meditation and reflection would really help us a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The person who hurts us is always one of our dear ones whom we even trusted blindly with our life. Indeed we need to learn to be alone and self-meditation do help a lot in that. People are selfish in today’s world, even our shadow leaves at the end of the day what else we can expect from them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • yeah I do believe that human beings are born selfish in some other way around we can’t get that nature away from our system. Even us do disappoint them and yet us part of being human we expect more and we think we have done everything for them. Yeah being alone is much better, no pain and no waste of emotions yet I came to realize being alone is lonely too…being by myself is a waste of opportunity in enjoying life and embracing my being human.

  2. Yeah, it does feel lonely, it’s just we need to be very choosy and picky about whom we are going to spend our time with. And also we can’t expect anything from them because that’s when we got screwed up.We just need to build a balance between spending time alone and with people whom we love. Rest is up to destiny, we will soon find people worth fighting for… hopefully

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