To The Best Friend I Once Have Before

Things between us might have change a lot now, I know I am the main reason why things between us changes. From the start I am the one who made a huge mistake, I am the one who’s been a coward and O am the one who’s been indecisive yet you are there all  along, your presence never makes me lonely…not even a single bit and I am grateful to have a special person like you. Lucky me. Not having a relationship when everyone has never concerns me, believe me all those years I am contented of having you..only you. Thank you for all the long years of being with me, the times when I was down and lonely, those moments you encourage and protect me from choosing a boyfriend I appreciate and I will cherish them all. I know I am not the most special person in your life right now and you are not in me too. Things has greatly change we both have our special people to cherish and I understand because I am the first one to let go. Thank you so much for everything for being my bestfriend for a very lone time for being my emotional pillow and my energy…being my inspiration and being there to guide me for choosing the right guy. You will always be my special friend and that won’t change. Thank you for letting me hold into you until I found him. Thank you for everything even now.

Happy Birthday 🙂


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