How I Wish

I wish I was her, the girl you always talked about. I wish I was that person the one you dream of forever. I wish it was me, the one you’ve been looking for. How nice it would be for you to look at me not just a friend or a sister so. How nice would be our lovestory be if you let me in. How I wish you’ll fall for me too. How I wish you knew that all I fell is real. I know I’ve hurt you and yet you remain by me. I know I just let out chance swept away by the mistake of me. Yes, all this time I blame it all to me. If I could have been stronger and if I have faith in you…in us definitely I wouldn’t be living in my past right now hoping for you. I know you won’t love me again. I know that…so now I wish I can forget this feeling…this feeling that I love you.