Life is A Battlefield

We often think that life is a constant race of humanity, proving the worth of their existence and a never ending journey for power and fame. This is always part of human evolution who strived for superiority and a thirst for acceptance of the so called high class society.

A high pace race with no finish line, wanting to outrun each other…causing trouble and miseries to people and mostly to our selves.  This is the main reason why people think they fail life. When people give up a single chance of hope and when people drown in despair and self pity towards a race they should never entered.

Because life is simple, life is not a designed to have a race between each other. Life is not designed to outrun and over power someone. Our life is genuinely designed to make this world a better place, with our unique capabilities and personality. We are different from the way we look and think, just like the patter of our finger prints…there will never be something similar as it. We live with a purpose to be happy and to be us.

Life is not a race; it is more of a battlefield. There’s always some kind of turbulence, struggle and challenge in life. Sometimes you’re at war with yourself, sometimes it’s with others.  But life a battlefield of our own mind and how you see and perceive it, how it influences you, and, in the end, you are alone in your own mind and how that affects you. It is the process of mapping the likely consequences of choices, working out the importance of individual factors, and choosing the best course of action to take, following the basic rule on the battlefield “THY KNOW YOURSELF”.


The One You Loved

The hardest thing she until now can’t do. To move on and forget the feelings she once have. The hopes and what if she wants to for she just choose to run away. She feels so confused to the feelings she has but certain that if she just fight the love she once have it would be a great love story. Is it too late to move and fight for the love when the one you love no longer sees you the way he look at you before? Was it worth to try, to stake the one thing you cared for so long? Or is it better this way…to love in the distance? To support and see him with other woman, and smile like you ate happy for him.