5 Reasons You Should Date Someone Who Knows Your Struggle

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Rumor has it that the most successful relationships are complementary in nature. Maybe he knows his way around a kitchen while she’s obsessively neat and organized.

I will be the first to acknowledge that relationships composed of two personalities that compliment each other in such a distinct manner are certainly ideal in many circumstances. The point of a relationship is, after-all, to find someone who “completes” you. This is because both individuals are able to make the other’s life dramatically better by virtue of the positive traits they can bring to the table.

However, this is not the case when it comes to mental health issues. Dating someone who struggles with anxiety or a mood disorder is not so easily black and white. In fact, it is a huge obstacle for couples attempting to maintain a successful relationship. This is especially true during the first few months of dating.


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Not That Girl

I’m Not That Girl


Sometimes impression last…but it takes lots of time to realize that sometimes impression aren’t that right during first. If you think I am that spoiled-brat girl, definitely I am not. If you think I am high maintenance then I’ll tell you I am not and I am way far from that. If you think I am a princess or some rich kid who gets what she wanted so easily then you are wrong…I worked my ass hard to get what I wanted.  There is a lot of my that the superficial and the thoughts running into your mind.

If you think I am snob and mean. We’ll somehow you got it right it takes effort and courage for someone to enter into my world. If you think I am not much of a talker, we’ll get to know me more I can be fun and argumentative at times and I speak what I feel and think with all honesty.

I am understanding, way too understanding that you think I don’t care at all. But believe me I care a lot than anybody else.  I usually give a frown face but that doesn’t mean I am mad all the time…I really have this habit but trust me when I smile you are one of the reason behind that.

I have that specialty of pushing people away from me, believe me it comes naturally in me so please bare it and stay.

If you think I am so much delicate and complicated. Well you are definitely wrong…I am more like a man, I don’t want to be treated as a weakling like a girl who you always look for cause you are worried…I am independent in every aspects of the way. You just don’t have to worry though all you need to do is be there for me and support me and show me you care.

But don’t think of me as numb, I have feelings too. I also get hurt and get tired of things and situations I can’t handle sometimes. I am weak and coward hiding from a knight’s armor that’s the real me inside so please look after me when you think I don’t have composure.

I say bad things, yell at things I don’t find meaning and like to disagree when I know I have a point. I like disciplining and I like helping you all the way and guiding you whenever you need me. I am the supportive and martyr type of person. Some usually call me numb and weird but I all way different to that.

I have my principles and my goals. I have loads of problems and miseries too that’s why I am like this. But I am trying to be a better person for myself and for someone who comes along the way and walk with me.

I am mean. Mean with meaning and reasons. Yes, I am logical and practical and sometimes idealistic which somehow contradicts the two qualities of me. I am different from any other girls. My sweetness and friendliness are hidden up into my sleeves and receive for someone, maybe for you.

My care and love are stored inside my heart that is for sure ready to share when the right time is straight into my face.

I am full of pride. So please don’t say stupid things such as not wanting me or wanting to get rid of me when you are mad. I might go far away from you when you say that.

I hold control with myself and my emotions so never think of me as someone who is selfish…but I am selfish to be honest. 😉

I’m much of a mother than any other ordinary girl. When I say I care I really care a lot and I devote myself for caring whatever it takes. I look for my own mistakes and fix my own mess. I am always rational on things…In ever actions you must be ready for the consequences and pay the price…this is what I am living everyday.

Your friends won’t like me for sure…but I assure you, your parents will. I am not much of the girlfriend material like some romance novel or films will do. I am the modern type of girl optimistic, fighter, brave, strong, mean, bitch, rational that your parents will love.

And you will love for the rest of your life if you. (if you are that serious enough)