You let go of My Hand First

You let go of My Hand First

I believe in love, I believe how amazing it is putting two people together among those billions of people around the globe we are given a chance to meet someone who is willing to spend the rest of their lives with us.  That is not just it, for with love we can feel that we are the happiness person living, it give us hope, courage and strength to do things and overcome our fears. That how amazing love is.  

I was once in love, in love with the ideal person, for me he is the perfect guy and until now he is still the perfect guy. I love his responsible attitude, his loyalty and his intelligence. For me he was the perfect husband to be.  We have this blissful relationship before and for me everything was so perfect and I was like living into a fairytale or in a dream. But as other relationships would go we have so many ups and downs, confusions and insecurities, doubts and jealousy.  But we still able to manage to be strong and hold on, we have lots of arguments, lots of breakups but still we even manage to find our way back with each othesr side.  I am neither perfect nor a good girlfriend but I was always willing to give up, to change and do something for our relationship even I lost my own pride. But time came we both cant hold it on anymore, lots of hurtful words came out and he let go of my hand.  I believe he was mad that night keeping lots of arguments comparing him, and saying something but I only did that to make our relationship better. On that night on I decided not to reach for his hand anymore, I got tired and I realize that if a person truly loves you, he will never let go of your hand easily and he will always keep believing in you no matter how hard the situation or argument you both are into.  Also, if the person really cares for the relationship he won’t cut it so easily.  It is just relationships are likely finger nails if it grows cut the nails not the finger, if its in love cut the misunderstanding and not the relationship.

Now I’m happy, happy for this new journey, a new chapter to begin with. A new happiness and excitement awaits for me in this new book of my life. I may not know where or how my life would go through but now. I am glad I didn’t reach out his hands again for a hundred times.  Now I am starting to live by myself no shadow of him and opening my heart to someone who will reach out his hands for me.  Willing to know me more inside and out and is willing to do what it takes to keep our relationship strong and won’t let go of my hand for such a damn stupid argument.  If you didn’t let go of my hand I wouldn’t find someone like him, so thanks by the way.

You let go of me first, I want to hold on but I realize I always keep holding on now I’ll let go everything about us.  Just don’t put any grudges into me because I once love you than anyone else even myself. 


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  1. just found this in some of my notes…it was written on Feb. 2,2012 and it’s been two years since that day this was dedicated for my 5 and a half year boyfriend… I thought of deleting this but I guess I should put it here as one of my memories of yesterday.

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