Miss Say Nothing at All (from a guys’ perspective)

You look to me in the eye, stare like you want to take my breath away. And when I see you smile, it felt like a thousand butterflies. You may think you’re not pretty and skinny but for me you are perfectly fine.

You shine like the sun, sparkle like a diamond and enchant me with a feeling I can’t explain.

I wanted to go near you, talk and make you laugh… but this fear inside me tied me up and locks me down. I pretend not to care, I pretend to be unaware…I am holding myself not to fall for a girl.

Afraid to be dump, afraid to be laugh at, afraid to have mistaken…yes, I am a guy…but I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to you. You never say a thing, you never give a hint…how can I be sure that you’re falling for me too? When all I see is your smiling back at me, so please Miss Say Nothing at all…tell me you care, tell me you dare.  I want to hear it from you and not for the friends you share.  Miss Say Nothing at all just say a little more so I can break this shackle of fright and make me dare to want you more. 


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