Heart <3

They say whenever you lost something or misplace something, all you have to do to find it is to go back from your trails. I always do that whenever I lost some of my stuff and luckily I am able to retrieve ever missing item I lost. Well, life is somehow like that, if we are lost we just have to go back to the old road either find a new road again or continue walking in the old road.

But what if while walking you lost your heart? Will you able to retrieve it ? How will you retrieve it? It’s been how many years since I lost mine. Going back I think wouldn’t be a  best idea. Why? Because, I can’t remember the moment and place where I lost my heart.

Sometimes I am think I’ve been too hard for myself, to bitter for love and even my brains wishes for my heart to come back. But I can’t find my heart again, the heart that beats for someone, the heart that loves and understand…the heart pure and true, is nowhere to be found.

 So now, I wonder when will I able to find my heart again?


I Don’t Know Why

I don’t know why, I don’t know how that my heart still aches so much when everyone talks about you. Well, it’s not that I haven’t move on, because you know I am the one who decided to breakfree. I hate you because I cause to blame you on everything on my high school years, but I know I have the big part to blame to. You ate your pride when you say sorry and ask me to be your friend, and I am happy. The pain in me maybe guilt because you may not be experiencing those dramas right now if I didn’t set you free and go on your own. Yes! maybe it’s just guilt because I know I love you no more.