Letter to Future Boyfriend

Letter to Future Boyfriend

Lately, my friends have been getting a boyfriend, or at least someone special in their lives they consider as a crush. Then there’s ill’ old’ me, Miss Forever Alone. I don’t even know why I’m writing this letter right now when I’ve told myself that I shouldn’t have a crush or something remotely close to a boyfriend 5 years at least. But I’ve been hoping that you come to me soon. Because to be honest, I’ve been waiting for you my entire life.

I’ve been into relationships before and honestly none worked out well, actually if it worked I wouldn’t be single right now. I guess I should clarify that when I write boyfriend, I also mean best friend. I don’t want to be yours just for the sake of being able to say I belong to someone. Everyone starts of as friends at first. There’s a reason I’ve been waiting for you; you aren’t going to be just a phase or a crush. I’m too careful with my heart to let that happen. Please don’t get frustrated at me if it takes me a while to tell you things that I usually bury deep inside of myself. I’m just not used to being able to trust someone so completely.

I’d be shocked if I were to ever call you mine. I know all the girls want you, and who wouldn’t? You’re smart, funny, not to mention handsome. You have everything I like in a guy< complete opposites, but we have a ton of stuff in common. Yeah, I’m that outgoing, bubbly chick always talking when I get close to you and you’re that quiet, mysterious guy, understanding, sweet and loving (which I totally love about you).

I just want you to know that I’ve waited so long to find you to be at my side. . I want to forget about time, forget about worries, nap in the afternoon, swim till we’re exhausted. I want to have pictures of us together that aren’t staged, just true. I want to look into your eyes and see a future that brings me peace. To find the easy silence, the peaceful quiet. I want you to hug and kiss me. I want you to watch old disney movies with me, and to walk around with me. I want us t enjoy same hobbies together, laugh with each other’s jokes and be with each other’s arms. I won’t be the girlfriend who makes you pay for everything, I won’t expect you to be the perfect guy that does everything right. You don’t have to be Prince Charming.

I’m not very pretty, I hope that doesn’t bother you. Oh, and by the way, I’m a hopeless romantic. So, you’re gonna have to be a bit sappy if you want to impress me. Also, I can read people, so don’t even try to hide anything from me. It’s pointless. It may seem like the things in my life don’t affect me, but they do. You can never tell me that I’m beautiful too many times, and don’t say I love you right away, because I may not believe it. I love to have excuses to dress up. Never be afraid to show affection, even in public, if I do get uncomfortable I will tell you. I understand that people get into fights but please, just don’t hurt me. I’ve had it enough in my short life.

I may be moody, and not know how to explain why I’m upset at times. There are periods of time when I’m too depressed, and I can be hyperactive. You’re going to be so annoyed at me and will probably be cursing yourself for ever deciding to date me. You’ll say I have unhealthy obsessions with anime and drama series. I’m immature, too opinionated and sometimes hard . But I promise I’ll care for you, and love you for you. All I want is to hold your hand, kiss, and cuddle, and is there for you when you need me. I also want to cook meals for you when you’re having a rough day.

I know you’ll be sweet and kind to me, and when we fight I’ll back away for a bit longer than most people, but I promise I’ll stay.

I’m not the perfect girlfriend, but I’ll try my hardest for you.

Love me for me, and please be true.

For us to last, you can’t be my whole life, but I want you to be the best part of it. I don’t want a certain romance, a certain setting. All I need is a heart that is kind and open to what I want to give it. Because that’s just how my personality works. All I need is love, and all I’ve ever wanted is you.

To be completely honest I don’t know what I want. I’m really indecisive. I will most likely try and push you away because that’s how I try to keep people from hurting me. I can’t promise that loving me will be easy, but I’m hoping that you stick it out. I know that I may seem so tough but really I am one of the most sensitive people you will ever meet. When I love someone I love them with everything I have.

I know that you’re somewhere out there waiting for me the same way I am here waiting for you. I will wait for you as long as it takes because I know that you are perfect for me.